About Us


Society for Persons With Learning Difficulties Dayspring, Selangor, more commonly known as “Dayspring” was established in September 1988 in response to the appeals from parents with children of special needs.  Dayspring is governed by a Board Committee.  Since its inception Dayspring has been providing the Early Intervention Programme (Age: 6 months – 6 years).

The Society is dedicated to assist these group of students with special needs to learn and grow in skills and independence.  Over the past 29 years, we have seen great significant improvement and achievement amongst our students and are deeply convinced that the services and facilities we provide are meaningfully utilized.

As the students have grown and are young adults now, the need for support and training is challenging.   Currently, Dayspring is providing Vocational Training (16-17 years) and Sheltered Workshop (18 years onwards) for our 58 young adults (classified as trainees) with 6 staff and volunteers.


  • To train persons with learning difficulties to reach their fullest potential and be involved in community living.
  • To provide essential information and skills to parents of children with learning difficulties.
  • To promote public awareness and concern for persons with learning difficulties and especially the necessity for their integration into the community.
  • To provide Vocational Training, Sheltered Workshop and Job Training Placement for persons with learning difficulties.