Training Workshops

We conduct training workshops for parents and siblings on topics and issues relating to the needs and challenges of persons with learning difficulties. This enables them to gain better knowledge and skills for more effective methods of training and discipline on their children as they continue their programme on their own.


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Educational Toys & Resource Library

We recognize that many families do not have the resources to purchase the necessary educational equipment and wide range of toys for teaching their special child.

Our Toys & Resource Library is set up to serve this need, enabling parents to borrow educational toys and resources for training their children at home.



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Based on the belief that people are their own best advocates, this concept is important to help individuals develop leadership, independent skills and confidence.  Self-Advocacy is



Applicable to both normal people and persons with learning difficulties alike. The community ought to support self-advocacy initiative; acknowledging the abilities, rights and needs of people with learning difficulties, along with everyone else.  Dayspring strongly encourages this development, supporting a club to help achieve such goals.


Formed in 1999 with the enrolment of 16 members, the club today has 32 members, allowing them to be active participants and organisers for events and affairs.   With posts of Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer elected by members, they learn to take leadership roles, motivate one another to speak for their rights and share responsibilities in the preparations for activities such as Youth Camp, Singing & Dancing Competition, Mini Canteen Day, Health Month, Recycling Campaign and others.  Sharing ideas on what they like to do at monthly meetings with the guidance of a supporting friend, the club had successfully organized outings to parks, Old Folks Homes and other public areas for exposure and integration.


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